Spiritual Life

“I am extremely grateful for Sacred Heart because our faith is very important to us as well as education. Knowing that my son can go to school in a loving environment and be able to express and learn about his faith more is a blessing. One of the reasons we moved to this area was because of having an excellent Catholic school in the area.” Sacred Heart parent

Sacred Heart’s religion program has been created to allow students to grow in knowledge of their faith, experience Christian community, provide service to God and others, and understand and appreciate the central role of prayer and Sacramental Celebration in their spiritual lives. Throughout the school year, parents and students are invited to receive the Sacraments of Christian initiation and these Sacraments are celebrated upon completion at a school Mass. A variety of prayer experiences are provided in our religious program and throughout the day.

Students are provided regular opportunities to participate in the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, daily prayer, and other age-appropriate spiritual experiences to assist their growth in faith. The first Friday of every month, students attend Mass and may receive the Eucharist. The sacrament of Reconciliation is offered three times a year. The students are encouraged to take part in weekly Mass with their parents, and celebrate Reconciliation as often as possible. The parents are always welcome to join the school family in the celebration of Mass and the Sacraments. At Sacred Heart School we teach our students to pray, and pray with and for them. Teachers share personal faith stories with the students to show them real life examples of what daily prayer can do in our lives. Various school-wide prayer services are offered throughout the year including, but not limited to, a weekly Advent Service during the Advent season, and the recitation of the Missionary Rosary during Catholic Schools Week.

Sacred Heart School starts and ends the day with prayer in each classroom, as well as sometimes engaging in school wide prayer in the morning over the intercom with the principal or other students leading us. Prayer is a part of our religion curriculum and some sort of prayer or prayerful worship song is part of every lesson.

Our revised mission statement is reflected in all areas of school life. Our Catholic identity is reflected in our Mission Statement as faculty, staff, and student body strive to follow the teachings of Jesus and foster Gospel values. Daily the principal makes a spiritual point that reflects our mission and school motto “Love Serves.”

Through reflection and evaluation, the staff has a greater awareness of the many positive expressions of the Catholic faith present in the school life at Sacred Heart School.

Catholic teachings and values are incorporated into all academic disciplines. Teachers strive to help students see the connections between academics and God’s presence in the world around us. All aspects of school life and activities are planned with an intention to integrate Catholic teachings and values.

The administration provides leadership to assure that expression of the Catholic faith is pervasive in all aspects of the school. An expression of our Catholic faith is visible throughout the school. Many bulletin boards reflect the different liturgical seasons of the year. Pictures of Catholic leaders, such as the Bishop and Pope are placed in strategic locations in the building and a Crucifix hangs in every classroom.

Teachers start and end each day with prayer, as well as praying before meals. The school principal offers a spiritual message every morning over the intercom system. She shares information about special Feast Days of Saints by telling stories the students can understand. She often ends her morning point by asking the students to reflect on her words and question themselves as to how they can try to live each day as disciples of Jesus.