Student Life

Students are taught to realize that all are made in God’s image and likeness and all life is sacred.

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General Information


In the event of an absence, parents are asked to:

  1. Call the office at 887-1757 no later than 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the absence and give reason for the absence.

  2. Send a written note when the child returns if the child is absent for more than one day, giving the date and confirming the reason. (The telephone call is required in every case; the note is required for more than a one-day absence).

  3. Contact the office to obtain class assignments. A note may be sent with a sibling and he/she may get assignments from the teacher. It is the responsibility of the student to make up any class assignments missed during his/her absence. In the upper grades, students should approach the teacher when returning to school. If extra help is needed, the student should ask the teacher for it. Frequent absence is extremely detrimental to the students’ academic progress and may result in retention, especially if more than 20 days of absences have occurred. Acceptance into high school may depend on the number of absences.


Frequent or habitual tardiness is disruptive and detrimental to the learning process. Attendance will be taken in the homeroom at 8:00 a.m. A student will be considered tardy if he/she is not in his/her homeroom classroom, seated in his/her desk, ready to begin the day by 8:00 a.m. Any student coming to school after 8:00 a.m. must report to the office and be accompanied by or have a note from the parent/guardian. The student will be issued a late slip before reporting to class. A student must be in school for four hours or will be counted absent for the day. If a student in Grade 4-8 is tardy more than five times per trimester a detention will be given for each additional tardy within that trimester.

Make Up Work

If a student is absent he/she will be expected to approach the teacher/s to make arrangements with the teacher to catch up on missed lessons, to check the make-up work that was done at home, and to take any missed quizzes or tests. All make-up work, tests and quizzes must be made up as soon as possible following the child's return to classes. The teacher will determine an appropriate time frame. Typically for each day absent, the student has 1 day to make up the work.

Dress Code

The wearing of a uniform is specifically designed to encourage and promote Christian values, and does not reflect current fads and trends.

The basic uniform may be purchased from Donnelly's School Apparel - School Login ------>

Donnelly’s School Apparel 333 Niantic Avenue Providence, RI 02907 1-800-498-0045

Basic Uniform (Traditional):

Pre K: Is not required to wear a uniform, but if the parents choose they may wear the same uniform as the Kindergarten. Otherwise they are expected to be dressed appropriately. They may not wear spandex, tank tops, or other sleeveless tops. Children may wear shorts in hot weather as long as they are not short-shorts. Both boys and girls should wear a sturdy shoe with socks. Sneakers are permitted.

Girls: Kindergarten - Navy blue drop waist dress with school logo (purchased from Donnelly’s). May be worn with navy blue knee highs, tights, leggings, shorts (with logo) or pants. On gym days girls can wear shorts or sweatpants with the school logo under the dress, or parents can purchase a gym t-shirt.

Girls: Grades 1 - 5 - Plaid jumper, yellow Peter Pan collar blouse with long or short sleeves, and plaid tie. Navy blue knee socks or tights. Shoes with buckles are preferred.

Girls: Grades 6 - 8 - Plaid skirt, white button-down oxford blouse with long or short sleeves; a navy blue vest, or navy blue pullover purchased from Donnelly’s, navy blue knee socks or tights. All sweaters and vests must be purchased from the uniform company. Over-sized men's shirts may not be substituted for uniform blouses.

Girls: Grades 1 - 8 - Girls may wear navy blue or black tights or leggings under the uniform skirt/jumper from October 15th to April 15th.

Boys: Kindergarten -Navy blue polo shirt with school logo (purchased from Donnelly’s) with navy blue elastic waist pants. On gym days boys may wear shorts or sweatpants (with the school logo) with the polo, or parents may purchase a gym t-shirt.

Boys: Grades 1 - 5 - Navy blue pants purchased from the uniform company, pastel yellow dress shirts and navy blue ties also purchased from the uniform company. White or navy blue socks. Boys' pants must be worn around the waist; they may not be "drooped” and shirts must be tucked in neatly. Black belts or navy blue suspenders may be worn as necessary.

Boys: Grades 6-8 – Same as above except shirts are white.

Sweaters: Boys and girls may wear a navy cardigan, vest or the pullover sweater purchased from the uniform company. Sweatshirts may not be worn in place of sweaters.

Shoes: Pupils are to wear a good sturdy shoe; either tie, buckle, velcro or loafer style, solid black, brown or navy blue. The laces must be the same color as the shoe. A soft solid black athletic shoe is permissible. There must be no decorative colors on the black athletic shoes. Shoes with heels/soles higher than 1 inch are not permitted. Clogs, work boots or hiking boots are not acceptable. Girls may not wear sandals, shoes with straps, dress pumps, or similar shoes. No open toes or open heels on shoes or sneakers are allowed. No school shoes may be high tops, although high top sneakers may be worn for gym. Students are not allowed to change into sneakers for recess. Snow boots may be worn to school, but are not to be worn in the classroom. Students must allow time upon arrival to change into their school shoes before class begins.

No School Announcements / Late Start / Early Dismissal / Emergency Closing

In the event of inclement weather or of any need to cancel classes, Sacred Heart follows the Norwich Public School System. School cancellation and early closing announcements are broadcast over several radio stations - WICH (1310), WNLC (1510), WSUB (980), WTYD (100.9), WCTY (97.7), WBMW (106.5), WQGN (Q - 105.5), WVVE (102.3) and television channels 3, 8, and 30. The announcement may or may not name Sacred Heart School specifically. It may mention “The Norwich Parochial Schools” or just mention “Norwich Public Schools”. In either case, we are included in the announcement. We do not make the decisions; we follow the Norwich Public School System. Sacred Heart School will also send an automated phone message and text message to each family.

If there is a delayed opening on a day that is scheduled for early dismissal, the dismissal time will be changed to 1:50 p.m. so the school day can still be counted.

Unexpected Early Dismissal

If there is an early dismissal due to the weather it will generally be at 11:50. However, the dismissal time occasionally varies according to weather conditions. The parochial schools in Norwich are the first schools dismissed; if the weather is hazardous we may be dismissed earlier. In that case, an automated phone message will be sent to inform you of the dismissal time.

School Lunch Program

Sacred Heart School lunches are provided by the Norwich Public Schools. The food is prepared at Wequonnoc School, Taftville, CT and is hot on arrival. Norwich public schools are required to follow state regulations regarding food to be served as well as measured amounts of food. A trained employee of the Norwich Public Schools and Sacred Heart’s Federal Lunch Program co- coordinate the lunch program, following the compliance guidelines of the Federal Lunch Program. The coordinator organizes the daily student/teacher count, provides the information to Norwich Public Schools, and supervises them in school food delivery and food distribution to students/teachers. Yearly inspections are done and issues are resolved within. All food is kept within its proper temperature. Parents volunteer to help with serving the students. The person in charge of the lunch program is at the end of the serving line to ensure that all students are leaving the lunch line with the proper food groups on their trays and the proper measured amounts.