“It is like I have a second family. They support what you love to do and encourage you to think outside the box.”

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CONGRATULATIONS July 2019 SOS Club Winners!

$75.00 (#020) Jacqueline Smith

Sponsor: Claire Gauvin

$50.00 (#036) Bob Pion

$50.00 (#011) Trish Phillips

$25.00 (#013) Donna Landry

Sponsor: Lisa Zeppieri

$25.00 (#093) Shannon Lougee

$25.00 (#086) Heather Rorke

$25.00 (#161) Karen Jones

Sponsor: Corana Lissee

The next drawing will be held on August 18th, 2019. In fact, for parents of students attending Sacred Heart School, we are extending the opportunity to sign up for a full year of S.O.S. ($60) so that your child/ren can be given a N.U.T. card. Any parent enrolling in S.O.S. (new or returning) has until Friday, September 13th to enroll in order to qualify for the N.U.T. card for their child/ren. (Download Form).


will be given to students whose parents join S.O.S. for the first time (or renew their membership) and pay in full for the entire year ($60)! The N.U.T. card, given out upon returning to school, will have the pre-determined date on which it is to be used.