"I love that all the kids at SHS are kind and they are very helpful. When I first came to the school everyone was really nice to me."


Sacred Heart School promotes strong Christian values, provides sound academic development and fosters positive Individual growth and self-discipline. We instill within our students a commitment to community involvement and Christian service built upon the foundation of the teachings of Jesus. We strive to help students look at their world through the eyes of faith, confident that God knows them and loves them and expects much from them.

Sacred Heart School also fosters a family type atmosphere where each child is known and valued as an individual. We strive to help each student become more respectful, responsible and resourceful. This translates into students who are respectful toward adults and each other, responsible for their personal behavior and their academic work and resourceful problem solvers. In short, we try very hard to support the Catholic values that you as parents are teaching at home. In Catholic schools we have learned to do a lot with a little. We have remained focused on our main mission - a sound moral focus and solid academic achievement.

At Sacred Heart we also strive to make students aware of the world at large and encourage them to respond to the needs of other people, the sick and suffering in their own families and neighborhoods as well as those in third world countries or the victims of natural disasters. We recognize that taking a moral, gospel based stand on issues in our world today is counter-cultural. We are swimming upstream - but we must.

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Each child attending Sacred Heart School is assessed a registration/book fee and a technology fee. Each family is assessed a fundraising fee that may be satisfied through participation in school fundraisers, or by paying an additional specified amount to the school. A tuition management fee is assessed through FACTS Tuition Management for all families.


Prior to admission to Sacred Heart School students who have previously attended another school will be tested to discover the reading comprehension level and competence in math. Before Sacred Heart School officially accepts a student, we request a copy of a student’s report card, as well as a transcript of his/her records from the prior school.

The Principal also requires a period of probation, six weeks, to ascertain if the school can adequately meet the needs of the individual student, and that the student is able to adjust to the academic climate of the school.

A child will be accepted at Sacred Heart School only if, in the judgment of the administration of the school, it is felt that this school can meet the educational-developmental needs of the child. In its admissions policy, Sacred Heart School does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed or national origin.

During the scheduled period for registration, the following criteria in order of priorities are used to admit students to Sacred Heart School:

  1. Children from families already enrolled in the school.

  2. Members of the Sacred Heart Parish family.

  3. Children on an approved waiting list.

  4. Children from families newly moved into a parish who have been in Catholic schools (pending receipt of records).

  5. Children from non-parish families where there is no Catholic School.

  6. Non-Catholic children.

After the deadline for the registration period students will be admitted on a first-come first-serve basis.


The Sacred Heart School Board determines tuition by March 1st for the next school year. Tuition rates vary according to parish status and the number of students in the family attending Sacred Heart School. Tuition and other fees are communicated to parents prior to registration. Parents are given a choice of two payment plans that are explained on an annual contract.

Sacred Heart School reserves the right to withhold progress reports, report cards, diplomas and academic records if bills are not paid on time. A student’s enrollment may be terminated if payments are in arrears. No student will be allowed to participate in graduation exercises unless all financial obligations have been satisfied.


The school offers limited tuition assistance from both the Catholic Foundation Grant and an anonymous foundation. FACTS Tuition Management processes all applications. The deadline for applications is set by the FACTS company. The pastor, principal and the finance committee will determine eligibility and the amount of assistance for this grant. The deadline for applications is decided upon by the Catholic Foundation. Applicants must complete the tuition assistance application available online through FACTS (you apply once for both grants) through the link available on our website.


Sacred Heart School will provide a Tuition Referral Credit of $100.00 to the families whose referral results in an enrollment of a new student and or family of students to Sacred Heart School, K – 8. A Tuition Referral Credit of $300.00 will be provided to the families whose referral results in the enrollment of a Pre-K student.


Qualifying referrals can be made by any new student and or family of students that are interested in attending Sacred Heart. If the referred new family is enrolled at Sacred Heart, the referring family will receive a one time credit of $100.00 (or $300.00 if a Pre-K child is enrolled) toward their yearly Tuition within 90 days after the referral enrollment.

Process / Procedures

After identifying a prospective new student and or family of students that are interested in attending Sacred Heart, the referring family needs to provide the name of the prospective family to the school office. In addition, at the time of application, the prospective family must reference the referring family on the school application.

In the event that more than one Sacred Heart family refers the same candidate, the person who is identified on the referrals application will receive credit for the referral. Any conflicts with who is entitled to the credit will be reviewed and decided on by the Advisory Board. The decision of the Advisory Board is final.

Sacred Heart School believes in encouraging, rewarding, and recognizing the referral of new Students and or Families interested in a quality Catholic education.