Parent Association

"The thing that I like about Sacred Heart School is that they teach their students to love, respect and cherish others, just like Jesus did."

Sacred Heart believes the parent is the first teacher. Parents are actively involved in the daily operation of the school. This includes the Sacred Heart Parent Association (SHPA) which oversees school wide fundraisers, social events for families and students and the teacher appreciation luncheon. Parents also volunteer in other ways such as lunch helpers, classroom helpers and chaperoning field trips. There are programs to assist parents/guardians in their role as their child’s primary educator such as the John Rosemond Video Series and Internet Safety Workshop.

All parents, guardians, teachers and staff of Sacred Heart School are automatic members of the Sacred Heart School Parent Association and are encouraged to participate in its activities. Typically meetings are held monthly. The date of the initial meeting of the school year is posted on the school calendar and e-mailed to the parents. Parents are encouraged to support the several fun-raising and fund-raising ventures organized by the SHPA to benefit the school. Officers for the Association are elected in May of each school year.

Objectives of the SHPA include the following:

  • To promote and support Sacred Heart School;

  • To keep the parents and guardians of children informed about the school, to provide opportunities for families to get to know each other, and to provide a vehicle of communication among the families, faculty, and students of Sacred Heart School;

  • To provide volunteers for needs of Sacred Heart School and to engage in fundraising activities, thereby assisting in the goals of Sacred Heart School;

  • To provide a mechanism for education regarding current topics of interest to families with children at Sacred Heart School;

  • The Association will assist in achieving the school’s goal of Catholic education through fundraising and service to the school;

  • To support the educational, spiritual and social growth of each student at Sacred Heart School, so that all children are assured a firm foundation;

  • To assure that all activities of the SHPA are closely coordinated with the School to ensure commonality of purpose, conformity with established policies, and effective prioritizing of activities.

Answers from parents when asked “What, in your opinion, are the top three benefits of a Sacred Heart School education?”

Caring faculty

Aftercare program

Safe environment

Everyone is like a family

Values and respect, personal responsibility

High academic standards, knowledge of Catholicism, the teaching of morals and values

Teachers/Staff who care; students learn academics and moral values; safe atmosphere

Safety, small classes that instill a sense of family, ability to reach out and communicate with teachers and staff

Smaller class size, Close communication between school and family; being part of my child’s Faith

Faith-based strong curriculum with small class-size sense of community

Small class size, personalized instruction, family communities

The purpose, vision, and passion of the faculty and staff

Family atmosphere, spiritual teaching, education quality

Structure, caring environment, teaching responsibility

Family values, rigorous standards, small classes

Compassion, class size, academic structure

Spanish offered beginning in Kindergarten

Community, work ethic, small class sizes

Organization and study skills

Faith, Structure, Stability

Close knit family

Moral compass