"I like about this school is that everybody cares and looks out for each other about everything that happens. Another thing I like about this school is that the teachers look out for you no matter what."

Sacred Heart School fosters Gospel values

built upon the foundation of the teachings of Jesus.

The school community nurtures sound academic development

and encourages positive individual growth and self-discipline.

We live out our motto “Love Serves” by instilling within our students

a desire for serving others.

Philosophy Statement

In keeping with the teachings of the American bishops in their statement on Catholic education, "To communicate Christ through the living gospel and to implement the three fold task of message, community and service. We shall spread the gospel message through word and example, guiding each child of God. We strive to build a community which celebrates love and sharing in the spirit of the gospel and we work to promote an ideal of service to others in a Catholic Christian manner, reflecting Jesus' own service to all His people.

It is our goal to offer high quality academic programs with increasing emphasis on differentiation of instruction in order to challenge the intellectual potential of the individual student. At Sacred Heart School, it is our goal to nurture within each student a positive self-image and develop self-discipline. Our students will give Christian witness by integrating religious truths and values with daily life.

The administration shall be supportive of its staff and understanding of its students as individuals. Policies shall be administered uniformly and consistently, allowing for open communication among parents, students and staff.

The relationship between student and teacher shall be one of mutual trust and confidence, reflecting the Christian message of service and an attitude of gentleness and understanding. This relationship shall foster a positive self-image in the student to be seen in his/her spiritual growth, academic achievement and social relationships. The teacher shall respect and promote the Catholic Christian values proposed by the school philosophy, exhibiting an attitude of loyalty toward school administration and policy.

There shall be open communication between parents and teachers in order that each child may reach his/her full spiritual, academic and social potential. Parents and teachers shall be supportive of one another in dealing with problems, which may arise, seeking solutions in a Christian manner.