Faculty and Staff

"Over the 10 years of being at this school, the kindness out of people’s hearts and the teachers, staff and community that shows us so much love everyday."

Sacred Heart School has sufficient resources to provide for the overall institutional needs of the school. At the present time the school employs a principal, eleven full-time teachers, three part-time teachers and two paraprofessionals. The staff also includes a full-time secretary, a librarian, a part-time bookkeeper, a volunteer financial consultant, a school nurse, four custodians and one qualified food operator.

The faculty and staff of Sacred Heart School look forward to working with you to promote academic excellence and spiritual development in the context of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

photo by Lifetouch 2018

Mother M. Christina


Mrs. Amy Ledger


Mrs. Kelly Cassidy

Grade Kindergartenkcassidy@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. April Senuta

Grade 1asenuta@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Theresa Codding

Grade 2tcodding@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Paula Hebb

Grade 3phebb@sacredhearttaftville.org

Sister Marie-Andre’

Grade 4smandre@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Natalie Gould

Grade 5ngould@sacredhearttaftville.org

Sister M. Cabrini

Grade 6 / Vice-Principalsmcabrini@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mr. Christopher Williams

Grade 7cwilliams@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Robin Wojtcuk

Grade 8rwojtcuk@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Julie Hull

Art Teacher

Mrs. Virginia Eurich

Future Musicians Band Instructor

Mrs. Laura Andersen


Margaret Schumacher

Music Teacher

Mr. Glen Costello

Physical Education Teacher

Miss Alice Crosby

Spanish Teacheracrosby@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Lori Dinneen

Teachers’ Aideldinneen@sacredhearttaftville.org

Mrs. Bonnie Schumann


Mrs. Diana Wawrzynowicz

School Nursedwawrzynowicz@norwichpublicschools.org

Mrs. Traci Racklyeft


Mrs. Trish Phillips


Mrs. Crystal Brown

SOS Bookkeeper

Mrs. Amanda Courey

Before & After school Daycare

Mrs. Kimberly St. Jean